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Are You Looking for Russian Blue Cats?

For ages now; humans have had a pet or two or even more of them in their household. People keep pets for a lot of reasons. One of which is that pets can act as guardians to their home and can alert the owners of a house to unwelcome individuals who may try to break in and invade the house. Some people have pets around in order to serve them in one way or another, as is the case of blind people who have walking dogs to guide them, or policemen who have specially trained K9 dogs who can alert these law-enforcers to possible dangerous items like explosives, drugs and the like. For most people however, having a pet is merely a form of entertainment and recreation to them as a pet can be quite de-stressing to care for and that they are animals that can be quite fun to play and cuddle with as well.

Dogs are animals that are commonly chosen by people to become their pets, but if you are looking for a pet that is not as common as having a dog then considering a cat for a pet would be a great idea.

As implied above; cats are unusual pets for people. This makes cats quite a good choice if you want to stand out from the majority which have dogs as their pets of choice.

Aside from the uniqueness factor that having a cat as a pet can bring; it cannot be denied that cats are definitely beautiful looking animals, and that some cats can even be quite unusual that they will catch people who seem them off guard, but in a good way of course.

One breed that you might be interested in getting is the Russian blue cat. As the name implies; Russian blue cats have a coat that has the color of silver-blue. This color is quite unusual for animals, which will mean that people who get to see these types of cats will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

The Russian blue cat’s coat is also quite soft to the touch and looks really smooth as well making the Russian blue cat a great and elegant looking cat that a lot of people will surely appreciate.

Aside from the awesome looks that the Russian blue cat has; another aspect or quality of the cat that you will most likely love is its calm personality. Unlike other cat breeds; Russian blue cats are intelligent animals that are not unruly at all, so you will most likely have very little to virtually no problems at all caring for and living with this cat in your home.

If you are really interested in this breed of cats and you are looking for Russian blue cats for sale then is a website that you will want to visit. This site offers everything that you need to know about Russian blue cats and that the website also offers links as to where you can purchase kittens for you to care for and raise.

Russian Blue Cats for Adoption – Be Prepared for the Responsibility

If you can’t find a Russian blue kitten from breeders, you have the option to look at animal shelters or animal rescue groups. By adopting a Russian blue kitten, you are actually doing your bit in preserving the breed. If you are interested in the Russian blue kittens, you can get more information from Russian blue cats for adoption. However, if you decide to adopt a cat, make sure that you can handle the responsibility as owner.

Responsibilities associated to having a pet Russian blue kitten
Frequently, the decision to adopt a Russian blue kitten is to accede to the request of your children. Even if the children promise that they will see to the needs of the kitten, you will still be responsible because after a few weeks they will be tired of cleaning the litter box. When you adopt a Russian blue kitten, make sure you are committed to providing it the best care for 15 to 20 years. This is the normal life expectancy of the Russian blues although there are some of them that have lasted for 25 years. While the Russian blue cats are healthy and not prone to illness, they require regular checkups through the veterinarian. Your pet’s wellbeing should also be considered when making decisions regarding travel, vacations, adopting new pets or moving to a new home. Adopting a pet means you need to make changes to your lifestyle. Russian blue kittens are well mannered with good temperaments but they also expect love from their owners.

Are you prepared to love your pet?
Before you adopt a Russian blue kitten, make sure that everyone in the family is amenable to the idea. You must be prepared to accept the devotion of your cat and give it lots of love. Russian blue cats are very intelligent and they can immediately sense if something is wrong. If you feel down, they can cheer you up. One of the good traits of the Russian blue is being predictable and non-aggressive. It can easily bond with the family but can be aloof in the presence of strangers. However, the Russian blue has a very good memory of guests; it will always remember when the guest returns for another visit although you can’t expect your cat to be rubbing itself on the legs of your guest. If you desire for a cat with a more outgoing and sociable temperament, choose another breed. Not all Russian blues have the same personality; they are not clones so you can expect different personality traits even if they all have the same coat of blue and vivid green eye.

Plan for several weeks of adjustment if you are bringing home a kitten. It needs to adjust to its new environment to ensure that is safe and secure. It would be a wise decision to set aside a calm and peaceful place for the kitten until it is ready to bond with the family. Make all necessary modifications so that there is no way to escape and look for other cats to play with.

What you need to know about Russian blue kittens

The russian blue kittens are sparkling and brilliant. They are intelligence and independent. The kittens are also playful , affectionate and will get along well with other pets and children  The kitten  could weigh 12 pounds  and could be  as long as about 10 inches when they mature. They are good for first time cat owners and   will do well in families with older children.

The kittens have the following traits

  • plush blue coat
  • gentle
  • playful
  • shy with strangers

They can get attached to family members but can a time be very shy to strangers. The kittens do not like sudden changes to their routine or environment. They are generally quiet and can easily be transferred or moved to other places. The pets are easy to train and are generally calm.

It is important to note that the kitten is always wary of strangers and will often hide when strangers are around.   It can a times become fussy about its litter box and you should always strive to keep it clean. If the box is dirty, it may decide not to use it.

The cat is independent and is believed not to be related to other short- coated blue breeds such as Chartreux British shorthair and Korat.

The history of the russian blue kittens is still mysterious. Some people believe that the breed originated from Archangels Isle in the Northern part of Russia. It is further believed that it was brought to Europe by sailors in 1800s.  The kittens are believed to be descendants of the royal cats that were originally owned by Czars.

The Cat has a long history. It first appeared in England in 1875 and was first shown to the public in 1912. By 1900, the breed found its way into the United States. The breed almost became extinct during the World War II because its breeding was almost stopped. However, by 1940s, there was an attempt by breeders to save the breed by using other breeds to boost the waning gene. In 1960s, a group of breeders from Britain united to restore the cat. This is how the original Russian blue cat disappeared and instead a cross breed appeared on the scene.  This cross breed eventually received recognition in the United States by the Cat Fancier Association, American Ca Fancier’s association and international Cat association.
The modern Russian blue cat is famous for its blue coat. It is uniform in color and has a silvery sheen. It has green eyes that make it look beautiful and affectionate. The cat does not like being put off when you keep them as pets. It can follow the master around and thus, one has to be careful when walking around since you can easily step on it.

The cat loves sleeping under a cover and will want to sleep on your bed when it gets cold.  To ensure that it retains its beauty, you may have to comb and brush it often. You can use flea and tick soap to wash and keep them clean.